Jan-Peter Muller教授——遥感科学国家重点实验室2014年系列学术讲座之十
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报告题目:Current 3D imaging activities in planetary exploration

报告人:Jan-Peter Muller ( Head, Imaging Group, UCL-MSSL)



报告人简介:The Imaging Group at University College London's Mullard Space Science Laboratory (UCL-MSSL) works on cross-cutting themes across space and climate physics. This talk will focus on highlights of work over the last few years into planetary exploration including (a) multi-resolution DTM generation from ESA HRSC, NASA-MRO CTX & HiRISE; (b) understanding of planetary lidar pulse-widths for sub-footprint surface roughness; (c) automated co-registration of time series of images for change detection; (d) automated image understanding of rover imagery from MSL Curiosity; (e) webGIS for Mars rover planning; (f) super-resolution restoration of the Martian surface from repeat orbital imaging; (g) hyperspectral imaging for mineral mapping and methane isotopologue imaging.
Prof. Jan-Peter Muller founded the Imaging Group in 2006, having previously led a group on Global Environmental Mapping in the UCL Dept. of Geomatic Engineering for the previous 21 years. He is a well recognised international authority on 3D imaging and its applications to space and climate physics with over 100 peer review journal articles (5 in Nature and 5 in Science). He is also an active member of the MSL Curiosity and ExoMars2018 PanCam science teams and chair of the CEOS-WG on Cal/Val Sub-group on "terrain mapping from satellites" and chair of the ISPRS WG IV/8 on "Global DEM interoperability". He was previously the chair of the ISPRS WG IV/5 on "Extra-terrestrial mapping" as well as the UK Space Agency "Aurora Advisory Committee on planetary exploration"