Marie Weiss博士——遥感科学国家重点实验室2019年系列学术讲座之二
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  报告题目:Derivation of global vegetation products from European medium resolution sensors
  报告人:Dr. Marie Weiss, INRA (French National Institute of Agronomical Research)
  邀请人:阎广建  教授       
  时 间:2019年3月21日(周四)10:00
  地 点:北京师范大学科技楼B区1007
  Dr. Weiss received her PhD (Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis) in 1998 and is now a primary scientist in INRA. Her main research interest is the estimation of biophysical variables such as LAI and fAPAR from remote sensing data at satellite, UAV, and ground levels. She has been working on the development of operational products from European VEGETATION, PROBAV, and SENTINEL-2 satellites.  She has designed instruments and softwares for ground based sensing (e.g. CAN-EYE, PASTiS, SCANAREA) and applied UAVs and mobile robots in phenotyping studies. Dr. Weiss is a lead of the CEOS/ LPV subgroup on fAPAR since 2017 and is a committee member of the THEIA land data center in charge of providing SENTINEL-2 products. She was an associate editor of IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters and now serves in the editorial board of Remote Sensing of Environment.
  INRA in collaboration with European partners has developed different algorithms to derive operational global vegetation products from European resolution sensors both at medium (VEGETATION, POLDER, MERIS) and, more recently, at decametric resolution (SENTINEL-2).  After a brief introduction of the various activities of the CAPTE team at INRA, this presentation shows the different achievements in LAI/FAPAR product development, including the machine learning techniques, temporal composition methods, and product validation.