Simone Dell’Agnello——遥感科学国家重点实验室2018年系列学术讲座之十二
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报告题目:  Next-generation Lunar and Martian Laser Retroreflectors 
报告人:  Dr. Simone Dell’Agnello 
           INFN-LNF (Italian National Institute for 
           Nuclear Physics – Frascati National Lab), 
           Head of SCF_Lab (
邀请人: 邸凯昌  研究员
时间:  2018年4月24日上午9:30  
地点:  中科院遥感地球所(奥运园区)B202
报告人简介:Dell'Agnello worked for about 20 years in particle physics at Fermilab (Illinois, USA) and at INFN-LNF (Frascati, Italy). In 1995 he was awarded a Prize of the Italian Physics Society for his PhD thesis in Physics on the discovery of the Top Quark elementary particle with the CDF experiment carried out at Fermilab. Since 2003 he switched to space research at INFN-LNF. He formed a research group, which built and operates a unique space test laboratory, the SCF_Lab, dedicated to the design, qualification, characterization in accurately laboratory-simulated space conditions and turn-key delivery of advanced laser retroreflectors systems for Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR), GNSS, Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR), Mars exploration and science, Earth Observation, laser altimetry and laser-communications. Since 2011 he coordinates all R&D activities of INFN-LNF and since 2014 he is a Member of the Scientific-Technical Council of the Italian Space Agency (ASI). He managed INFN contracts with ASI, NASA, ESA, ISRO and several Italian Ministries.