Damien Arvor——遥感科学国家重点实验室2017年系列学术讲座之三十一
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报告题目:Monitoring agricultural dynamics in the Southern Amazon with remote sensing data: recent trends and future challenges

报告人:Damien Arvor

时间:2017年12月20日 星期三 下午14:30

地点:遥感地球所奥运园区 A503

主要内容:Amazon landscapes have been shaped by intense and rapid agricultural dynamics which have long been monitored by remote senisng data. But the recent decoupling of deforestation and soybean production has raised optimistic expectations towards enhanced land use sustainability in the Amazon agricultural frontier. Nonetheless, assessing land use sustainability implies not only the consideration of how agricultural activities affect natural ecosystems but also how they impact on society and how society can cope with them. We review some of the forthcoming challenges that the agricultural sector should address to confirm its significant progress towards land use sustainability. We also discuss how new remote sensing data and techniques should help to monitor the evolution of agricultural dynamics in the Amazon.

报告人简介:My research project is focused on socio-environemntal issues in the tropics related to agricultural development. I study the dynamics of rural areas in a context of preservation of natural resources and climate change. I am especially interested in analysing the causes and consequences of the expansion of agricultural frontiers, especially in the Brazilian Amazon forests and in the Brazilian savannahs (Cerrado) areas. In order to address these issues, I use geographic information and overall remote sensing data. I develop image analysis methods to monitor land cover/land use changes in the tropics.