Iain Woodhouse 教授——遥感科学国家重点实验室2015年系列学术讲座之九
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报告题目:Developing an airborne multispectral LiDAR approach to forest mapping
报告人:Iain Woodhouse 教授(爱丁堡大学)
报告人简介:Iain Woodhouse is an experienced scientist and professor of applied earth observation in the school of geosciences, the University of Edinburgh. He earned his Ph.D degree from Heriot Watt University. His current research interests cover Radar remote sensing; LiDAR remote sensing; multispectral LiDAR; forests; ecosystem services; Malawi; Polar decomposition methods for visualizing SAR data; novel visualization techniques for the analysis of multichannel remote sensing data; DEM generation and regional scale geomorphology; synergistic remote sensing of vegetation; macroecology and telemacroscopics.